Snowy Motion Blur

_MG_9802-2This image of a snowed forest was created using a vertical “motion blur”. Click through to watch my simple and easy mini-tutorial and learn how to do it yourself in Photoshop CC. It is the first first video tutorial that I’ve ever made!



A couple of weeks ago my G+ photography friend Jason Baker and I went out chasing the snow (a rare occurrence near Sydney!). We drove, and stopped, and took pictures… and drove some more, and stopped again, and took more pictures… The best kind of day! On one of our stops we found a snowed forest, which was perfect for some motion blur!


Check out my first-ever tutorial below to see how I created this image in Photoshop CC :) My wonderful friend Al Christensen was interested in this motion blur technique so I thought it would be the perfect start for me to learn how to make video tutorials. I recorded the screen with TinyTake by MangoApps free software and used the headphones Al sent me (thanks!!) for the audio. I tried to edit the video in Photoshop; my plan was to add my P&P logo and website as watermark and maybe display the keyboard shortcuts on the screen but I didn’t find it trivial to do so I decided to just use the raw footage for now, maybe next time!

I look forward to making more mini-tutorials on tips and tricks I use during image processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Thank you for reading!

xx Ana :)


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